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Transnational Law House (TLH) is an international law firm based in Kathmandu with affiliations across the globe in countries such as India, Japan, China, London, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and United States of America. In the past TLH has worked with internationally reputed law firm such as Kingsley Nepley of United Kingdom. TLH’s services include research, legal counselling, and legal representation (encompassing litigation).


TLH has conducted research projects on national and global issues for national and international clients. Recently TLH conducted a study on the bilateral mechanisms, in respect to Nepali Migrant Workers, for the Ministry of Labor. TLH provides legal services for investors and businesses; legal services are offered through a holistic package with continuous legal counseling from initiation of an investment or business in Nepal to successful establishment of the investment or business. This includes legal consultation on auxiliary matters of constitutional development, immigration and family law. Through such an arrangement, TLH ensures the coverage of all aspects of legal matters that affect investors and businesses in Nepal. The clients of TLH mostly comprise of Government of Nepal, Investors and Businesses in the following sectors: financial, hydropower, infrastructure, tourism, and agriculture. Our cliental also includes Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) who are officially registered in 55 countries.


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